IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK Help


See also Oracle's Java Technology Glossary.


Abstract Syntax Tree (AST)

The Abstract Syntax Tree represents the structure of source input files. → Program Structure Interface


Provides semantic highlighting based on underlying → Program Structure Interface elements. → Inspection


Document Object Model (DOM)

XML DOM API abstracts working with XML files based on a custom semantic model.


Event Dispatch Thread (EDT)

The Event Dispatch Thread handles all Swing events. See also General Threading Rules.

Extension Point (EP)

Most functionality is provided by Using Extension Points provided by the platform or plugins. Plugins can also define their own to allow extensibility.

External System (ES)

External System Integration allows integrating external project management systems.


File Based Index (FBI)

File Based Index allows storing key-value information based on the project's files.



Supports configurable semantic highlighting. → Annotator


Provides an automated fix for commonly encountered code problems.


Local History (LVCS)

A builtin → Version Control System tracking all changes in the project locally.

Look and Feel (LaF)

Defines the visual appearance and behavior of the user interface; see Swing Tutorial.


JetBrains Project System (JPS)

Represents the project model in External Build process.

JetBrains Runtime (JBR)

The JetBrains Runtime is the default bundled runtime for all IntelliJ Platform-based IDEs by JetBrains.


Program Structure Interface (PSI)

The Program Structure Interface represents a syntactic and semantic code model of the source input files. → Abstract Syntax TreeStubs


Read Action (RA)

Allows accessing code-related data structures for reading purposes. See also General Threading Rules. → Write Action

Run Configuration (RC)

A Run Configuration allows running external processes from within the IDE.


Structural Search and Replace (SSR)

Allows searching and replacing code by defining the structure of the searched code fragments, see Structural Search and Replace Inspections.


A subset of a → Program Structure Interface tree in a binary serialized compact format, see Stub Indexes.


A semantic element in some model, e.g., language or framework model, see Symbols.


Unified Abstract Syntax Tree (UAST)

An abstraction layer on the → Program Structure Interface of different JVM languages.


Version Control System (VCS)

The API for Version Control System allows accessing builtin as well as adding custom implementations.

Virtual File (VF)

A Virtual File represents a file in a → Virtual File System.

Virtual File System (VFS)

A Virtual File System provides a unified API for working with files represented as → Virtual File.


Write Action (WA)

Allows accessing code-related data structures for writing purposes. See also General Threading Rules. → Read Action

Last modified: 22 December 2022