JetBrains Marketplace Help


People could have various roles in JetBrains Marketplace. The roles provided in order from less permissive. Each next role has all the permissions of the previous one.

Non-registered user

A user who is not logged in with the JetBrains Hub account.


  • Read-only access to JetBrains Marketplace (can see plugin pages, download available plugin versions)

Registered user

A user who is logged in with the JetBrains Hub account.


  • Upload new plugins

  • Write reviews/comments

  • Rate plugins

  • Create organizations

Plugin Author

A user who is added as a Developer to at least one plugin.


  • Publish updates for their plugins

  • Add new authors to their plugins

  • Edit the information of their plugins

  • Add custom pages to their plugins

  • Move their plugins to an organization if they are members of this organization and the plugins are properly configured

  • Check statistics of their plugins

  • Apply their plugins to be sold on JetBrains Marketplace

  • Subscribe to the new comments/reviews of their plugins

  • Subscribe to the verification results of their plugins (if available)

Organization administrator

Global administrator in the scope of an organization.


  • Manage organization details

  • Manage organization staff

  • Manage organization plugins

  • Reserve Plugin IDs

  • Grant other organization members the administrator role

  • Remove the organization (only if this organization doesn't have vendor information for paid plugins)


This role is needed for specific JetBrains team members to provide an ability to manage plugins in the scope of a family. As of now, we have the following moderator types:

  • IntelliJ-based IDEs

  • TeamCity

  • Hub

  • .Net

  • Educational Courses

  • Space


  • Manage all plugins of a specific type (edit the information of these plugins, approve/unapprove these plugins and/or their updates, remove them).

Marketplace administrator

The role with global rights for members of JetBrains Marketplace team.


  • All

Last modified: 04 April 2024